Read-Along Starts Tomorrow!

What is a Read-Along?

Basically, it’s a series of quotes from a book, (in this case The Book of Beings) most with images. The quotes are memorable ones, as well as ones that call out to be matched with a visual. Each day, one of the images is posted, in order of how they appear in the book. (Or if you want to see whole episodes, you can check them out at The Book of Beings boards at Pinterest.)

Taken all together, the quotes create a kaleidoscopic view of the book. (It’s probably more pomo than I mean it to be.) The quotes don’t tell the story the book tells, like a graphic novel does. And I’ve been careful not to include any plot-reveals. But they do give you a taste of the book, give you a sense of whether you’d like the book, hopefully pique your curiosity and draw you in. You’ll get a sense of it as it goes along.

For me, as an author, the read-along been a great opportunity to think about the moments and images that rise to the surface of the book. It’s been a way for me to get to know The Book of Beings all over again. Hope it does that for you too.

The Read-Along for The Book of Beings starts tomorrow.