Questions for Readers

Here are the questions I've been sending to beta readers lately. As you can tell, I am still concerned with questions of plot and pacing, especially in the last seven episodes.

1. Is there anything you don't understand? 

2. Is there anything you don't like?

3. Is there anything that isn't believable? 

4. Are there parts that move too fast?  

5. Are there parts that move too slow, where you find yourself wanting to move ahead?  

Other questions I've been considering:

6. I am starting to wonder if Episode 11 is too long, especially the part before they get in the mule to go meet the helicopter. Any opinions about that?

7. What do you think of the inter-chapters (the parts not written in Manon's voice) in Episodes 13 and 14? Are they too confusing? Or confusing in a good way?

IF YOU ARE 25 OR UNDER: Manon was born in 1991. She turned 21 in 2012. If there is anything she does or says that seems inconsistent with that, PLEASE point it out to me!

As always, I am glad to hear about typos, glitches, and consistency problems. Or anything else that occurs to you. Don't hold back!

(Oh, and you might want to mention which parts you like best.)

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