Please, Read Responsibly!

We want you to read The Book of Beings, really we do. We think it's an amazing book. Like maybe the sort of thing that might change you. In a good way.

But we also need to let you know that The Book of Beings has this effect on people. Not everyone, but pretty many people. There was this woman, for example, who wrote to tell us that The Book of Beings was making her "do bad things," including ignore her son at the breakfast table, because she was so immersed in reading. . . And this other woman told us that she was getting sleep-deprived from staying up to read The Book of Beings. . . And then this mom emailed us to let us know that her husband was yelling at their teenage daughter because she was supposed to be working on college applications--but she couldn't stop reading The Book of Beings. . . We could go on. . .

What we're trying to say is, we think The Book of Beings might be just the teeniest bit addictive. 

Know your limit.